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2019 Board of Directors Election

Meet the Candidates

CMSA 2019 BOD Election(February 21- March 21)

CMSA is dedicated to providing the resources, services and support that enable case management professionals like you to be more effective, efficient and competitive throughout your career. As a current member of CMSA, you have the unique and important opportunity to elect the future leaders who will determine the direction and strategic initiatives of your association.

CMSA Voting is a privilege to all members. Beginning Thursday, February 21, an email will be sent out to all CMSA members from elections@vote-now.com with the subject line: CMSA's 2019 Board Election. This is your opportunity to have a voice in CMSA’s future by voting for the candidates that will represent you and your association over the next three years. Please take the time to vote. If you missed this email, there will be additional notices emailed out between now and the closing of voting on Thursday, March 21.

If you have any questions, please contact CMSA National at 800-216-2672 or cmsa@cmsa.org

The voting deadline is March 21 — cast your ballot today!

Before voting, please review all candidate information.

1) You may review the recordings below which highlight each candidate's campaign speech.

2) Or view a written document highlighting each candidate. Download the brochure on this webpage.

Recorded Campaigns: Meet the Candidates

Each candidate has prepared a brief recorded campaign. Take a few minutes to learn more about each candidate and their passion for the association, and how they feel they can make a difference as a CMSA board member.

Take time to make an informed vote!

In addition, view a special message from CMSA Election Campaign Chair, Jeff Frater below!

Download the 2019 Brochure

*Disclaimer: Colonel Melanie A. Prince is currently a member of the Armed Services, but will be transitioning to civilian life summer, 2019.  Her candidacy for CMSA President-Elect is sought as an American citizen and not as a representative of the Department of Defense or United States Air Force.  The opinions and assertions expressed herein are those of Melanie A. Prince, and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense.

If you have any questions,  please contact  cmsa@cmsa.org