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Recipients of the Case Manager of the Year Award

Recent Award Recipient

CMSA’s 2020 Case Manager of the Year Award recipient is Teresa M. Treiger, RN-BC, MA, CCM, CHCQM, FABQAURP

The 2020 Case Manager of the Year has been described as a prolific author, speaker, and educator who generously shares knowledge and expertise with case management professionals and policymakers.

Teri was born in Boston and has lived in the region for most of her life. The only exception came courtesy of her Dad’s assignment to the Naval Air Station Barber’s Point on the island of Oahu. She is a proud Navy “brat”.
Teri’s family is large and extended, including a gracious and caring mother, one sister, three brothers, and many nieces and nephews. While they are merciless in skewing each other when the opportunities present, it is all done with love. Her father passed away in 1993, but Teri knows that he is enjoying this celebration with her.

After graduating from Weymouth South High, Teri went on to Laboure College, earning an Associate Degree in Nursing in 1980.  Her desire to learn and advance her profession didn’t stop there. While working full-time, she continued her studies in 1997, eventually graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Health Administration.  Then, later completing a Masters of Arts in Organization Management in 2002.  It is no surprise that she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree specializing in Adult Education, a journey that she considers equally challenging and rewarding.

Her academic goals align with her passion for life-long learning and a never-quenched thirst for knowledge and truth. Professionally, Teri transitioned from bedside nursing and utilization review work, to a medical group practice serving as a physician liaison and manager.  Teri interest in case management came from a desire to make a difference at both a person-to-person and a system level. 

Teri’s experience in different work settings exposed her to critical aspects of case management. This experience gave her the confidence to establish her own company, Ascent Care Management. Her mission is to focus on meaningful ways of providing private case management, professional education, and consulting services across the continuum. 

Joining CMSA in 2000, The Case Management Society of New England was instrumental in exposing her to this new career opportunity.  She eventually became involved on the chapter board and committees from 2001 – 2009, including a term as chapter President in 2004.  In 2005, Teri joined the National CMSA Board as the Chapter Presidents’ Council Rep, and eventually took office as the National President from 2010-2011. She also served as President of the Case Management Foundation from 2010-2012. Teri has been an active volunteer with the Commission for Case Management Certification since 2015 and currently serves as Commissioner. 

When asked what her most significant accomplishments are, Teri replies, “the moments when I feel like I make a difference”. Whether she is collaborating on an article or book, supporting questions about health conditions, or guiding others on how to become a case manager, the work she does is about the moments of connection and collaboration. And, Teri celebrates each and every one of these moments.  For Teri, case management is more than a job, it’s about making a difference, one person at a time.

To acknowledge all of the forms of education that Teri has immersed her in would be no easy feat.  The list of courses, books, articles, publications, and presentations that she has authored or contributed to are endless.  From the list of many, co-authoring COLLABORATE for Professional Case Management: A Universal Competency-Based Paradigm, and the 3rd edition of the CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management are at the top of her “proudest moments” list.  As one of her colleagues said, Teri is a true model of humility. Her generosity of spirit and unselfish service to our industry is admirable and qualities we should all aspire to achieve.

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