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Letter from the President

Letter From The President

Dear Colleagues,

The first year as CMSA President culminates in the association’s Annual Conference and Membership Meeting. The 2021 conference theme was “Staking Our Claim in the New World.” The theme was apropos for CMSA as the organization was completing a “year of transition,” perfecting the infrastructure, transforming the operational culture, and sowing the seeds for new initiatives. One year ago, CMSA set out to forge new paths with bold determination, innovation, and leading-edge programs.  I am excited to report; we did that!  We have new programs, expanded member benefits, exciting initiatives, and robust partnerships with organizations who share CMSA’s mission to provide professional collaboration across the health care continuum as advocates for client/patient well-being.

 CMSA is led by an amazing team of directors, officers, committee chairpersons, volunteers and national staff who are committed to advancing our 3-C administrative agenda. You may recall, the 3-C’s represent collaboration, connectedness, and a culture of community. CMSA is well into the development and maturity of association operations that achieve collaboration, connectedness, and culture of community (3-Cs). CMSA is committed to harnessing the strength and power of a united presence that shapes the healthcare industry in a way that yields positive health outcomes and promotes professional development of case managers everywhere.

 We are pleased to report that our interprofessional collaborations with organizations such as the American College of Physician Advisors, Nurses on Boards Coalition, Utilization Review Accreditation Commission, and the Aging Life Care Association are robust and intentional. CMSA welcomes the opportunity to partner with groups who not only value the practice of case management but also envision a future where professional collaboration will lead to a synergy of efforts in health policy, education, leadership, technology, advocacy, and the future of health care in America.

 The year 2020 brought the concept of connectedness to the forefront as organizations around the globe employed innovative ideas to link with individuals, members, and clients. It was important for CMSA to also sustain and build new associations with individuals and organizations to exchange the free flow of ideas, share important information and deliver high quality educational content. We re-ignited connections with the National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC), National Quality Forum (NQF), and  Lippincott to bring a series of webinars, roundtables and teamwork on various projects. Connectedness inherently implies a presence on social media and we are proud of the leading-edge efforts CMSA employed this past year. With our new and exciting website, complete with a fresh and contemporary new logo, CMSA has a significant footprint on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google, with TikTok and Pinterest coming soon. Case managers everywhere enjoy the benefits of our printed and electronic publications, novel use of e-communication technology, CMSA Blog, projects with international case management organizations and chapter-specific events that ensure consistent connectedness. CMSA is thrilled to maintain connectedness with past presidents through the Legacy Leaders Council, a forum where the wisdom of the past can benefit the present and shape our future!

 All of CMSA’s efforts are intended to strengthen a culture of community. We are a community of professionals who work really hard and who are passionate about the care and services provided to patients and clients when they are in critical need of support. We are a community in constant pursuit of excellence and the initiatives we have embarked upon this past year demonstrate this commitment.  CMSA has been busy sowing seeds and building frameworks for many exciting endeavors. From updating the CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Management©, an expanded focus on advocacy, and the development of the CMSA Boot Camp, to a refreshed Writers’ Workshop and initiation of the CMSA Fellows Program - FCM™, there is much to unveil in the coming year. Visit this site often for more information as we launch these programs over the next several months.

 Finally, CMSA enjoyed a hugely successful virtual conference this year where case managers from around the world, indeed, staked their claim in a new world of health care! Our conference featured a diverse group of presenters from various aspects of health care. We had presenters from national advocacy groups, entrepreneurs who work in the “gig” economy space, first-hand accounts of care management in the midst of a pandemic and roundtables that provided practical examples for attendees to utilize in the workplace. These are only a few of the incredible presentations and I encourage you to visit the CMSA website for information on how to access this informative and trending educational content. The virtual technology platform was engaging and interactive allowing for the realization of the 3-C intent: collaboration, connectedness, and a culture of community. CMSA will continue to build upon our 3-C foundation as we forge ahead into my final year.  With our outstanding leadership team and the work of dedicated volunteers, CMSA will utilize the “whole” of our organization to drive a transformative future for health care, serve as powerful advocates for patients/clients and develop a pipeline and legacy of professional case managers. We ARE doing this!


Melanie A. Prince
President, CMSA 2020-2022

Case Management Society of America

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