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Member Mailing Lists

What fields are listed in the member mailing list?

Individual's first and last name, credentials, company, physical mailing address. CMSA is not allowed to give out an individual's phone or email information. However, you may access specific member information through the Member Directory using one of the national memberships included in your Partnership deliverables.


How long does it take to generate a member mailing list?

A member mailing list will be generated within two (2) business days of your member mailing list request. You can request a list here.


How many times can I use a member mailing list?

Each list is single-use. We pull each list within two (2) business days of your request to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. The number of member mailing lists you receive each year will be outlined in your Partnership Agreement.


Can I request a targeted list instead of pulling the entire membership?

If you need a targeted list, please contact a chapter in your desired region.



What are the benefits of National Membership?

As a member of CMSA at the national level, you will have access to the latest information our Case Managers are interested in including CMSA Publications, blogs, and newsletters. You will also have access to the Member Directory, allowing you to search for Case Managers by location, Chapter, work setting, designation, and expertise.


What are the benefits of Chapter Membership?

As a member of CMSA at the chapter level, you will have access to the individual Case Managers in your area through meetings and Chapter events. You will also have the opportunity to get to know Chapter leaders, volunteer with committees and present at Chapter events.


How do I find a Chapter in my area?

Go to our 'Find a Chapter' page and enter your zip code. 


How do I request memberships for my organization?

Click here to complete your membership registrations. 


Are memberships transferable?

Yes! Your organization has full control of your national and chapter memberships during the contracted calendar year. You can transfer memberships between employees, or assign multiple chapters to a single employee. Please email rdavis@parthenonmgmt.com with any membership transfers.


Can we gift our memberships to community/affiliate partners?

Up to half of your CMSA memberships may be gifted to community and affiliate partners. These memberships are non-transferable during the calendar year. Please contact rdavis@parthenonmgmt.com for more information.

Market Analysis Data

What is market analysis data?

Market analysis data is the results and analytics from CMSA surveys during the current year. We are in the process of building demographic information on our membership. This information will be available Fall 2022. In the meantime, the State of the Industry is available here.  

How often is market analysis data collected?

Market analysis data is collected annually. State of the Industry is collected bi-annually. 

Where can I find the market analysis data?

Market analysis data and the State of the Industry can be found on the 'Resources' page. 

Marketing Opportunities

What is a Partner Highlight?

After CMSA receives your executed contract, your logo and a thank you to your organization for partnering with us will be posted to the CMSA Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

How many social media followers does CMSA have?

CMSA has 5.7k Facebook fans, 2,785 Twitter followers,  476 Instagram followers, and 21,314 LinkedIn Followers.

How many email subscribers does CMSA have?

CMSA has 20,000 email subscribers.

How many members does CMSA have?

CMSA has 5488 members.

What are acceptable formats for social media posts?

For information on video click here. For information on images click here

What format is best for submitting eBlast content to CMSA?

You can submit your content in a Word doc, with images and links attached. Or you can send in HTML format. 

Can I get analytics on my eBlast?

Yes! CMSA will provide one-day and seven-day analytics for your eBlast campaign. 


How much does a webinar cost?

Diamond Partners receive a complimentary sponsored webinar with their Partnership package. Webinars are discounted for Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Partners. Non-partners may sponsor a webinar for $5000.

How often does CMSA hold webinars?

CMSA holds monthly webinars for its members. Webinars are a first-come, first-served benefit.

How many attendees can I expect at my webinar?

CMSA has seen between 50-400 attendees. Depending on subject matter and how targeted the information, you can expect around 200 attendees. 

How are webinars marketed?

Webinars are marketed on the CMSA website, social media pages, our monthly CMSA Today e-Newsletter, and our CMSA News & Activities email sent twice a month.

Are there restrictions on who can present?

No. Anyone can present as long as the content is not branded. 

Is viewing limited to the live event?

All webinars are housed in our Education Resource Library for twelve (12) months after the live event. 

How are CEUs secured?

CMSA will facilitate securing CEUs. The following information will need to be submitted to mlee@parthenonmgmt.com six weeks prior to your event: Session Title, Abstract, Objectives, Speaker Info, and Speaker Image. For more information click here


How can I access the CMSA logo?

You can find the CMSA logo here

How do I submit my logo to CMSA?

You can submit your logo here

Where will my logo be displayed?

Your logo will be displayed in your Partner highlight on the CMSA social media pages, the home page of cmsa.org, the Partner's page of cmsa.org, and the Partner's page in CMSA Today.


How many subscribers does CMSA have?

CMSA has 20,000 subscribers.

How often is CMSA Today published?

There are eight digital and four print copies of CMSA Today each year. You can find the editorial calender here

How do I submit a blog post?

Visit the Publications page to sign-up for a blog post. 

How do I submit an article for CMSA Today?

Contact knorris@parthenonmgmt.com for more information. 

How do we advertise in CMSA publications?

Visit the Publications page to see what advertising opportunities are available. 


When and where will the 2022 CMSA Annual Conference be?

We are putting the final touches on the 2022 Conference and hope to announce dates and location soon!

When will I select my booth and sponsorships?

You will receive an email from CMSA as soon as we have announced the 2022 Conference. First opportunites for booth selection and sponsorship opportunities will go to Partners, starting with Diamond level, and then offered to past exhibitors. You can visit the Conference page for more details as they become available. 

When will pre-conference and post-conference attendee lists be sent?

Pre-conference lists will be sent ten (10) days before the first day of conference. Post-conference lists will be sent the Tuesday after conference ends. Lists will contain attendee names, company, designation, and physical mailing addresses. 

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