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Resource Kit

CMSA has prepared a resource kit to help policymakers better understand the role of case managers and the how effective case management services provide better outcomes for patients, control health care expenditures and improve the performance of the US healthcare system.

The kit includes easy-to-understand background information and material for individuals new to case management as well as policymakers well versed in health care issues. The information is provided in a variety of formats so you can easily share this material with your colleagues and constituents.In addition, the Resource Kit contains links to information on other issues and resources Policy Makers should understand to be well-versed in case management.

If you require additional information or assistance in understanding case management and how your office or organization can help support effective delivery of case management services, please contact:

Email: cmsa@cmsa.org

Case Management Society of America

5034A Thoroughbred Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027