Educational FAQ

Integrated Case Management FAQs

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How does ICM help me in managing my clients/patients day to day?
CMSA’s Integrated Case Management Program prepares the case manager to better impact the care of the individuals experiencing complex medical and behavioral conditions using enhances skills in communication, assessment, and care planning to prioritize risk.  The case manager will be better equipped to mitigate risk, support health improvement and quality of life.
Where/how will the training be done?
CMSA’s ICM program includes study of the manual: CMSA’s Integrated Case Management Manual: For Case Managers, By Case Managers, webinars and face to face training. CMSA will send a qualified trainer to your location for groups of 5 or more participants.  The face to face training is an important activity for practical application.
Do I ever need to re-take the training or will there be updates issued?
Like any educational program, updates can and should be expected as the needs of the industry and patients change.  Those who have participated in ICM training will have an opportunity to receive any important updates that may be developed and released.
Does this training help me become a certified case manager?
ICM training is not a preparatory course for the CCM certification exam.  It is a course to better prepare the case manager for working with complex patients and populations.
Can I do the face to face training virtually?
Face to face training is an integral part of the ICM program.  For individuals who are unable to attend a scheduled face to face training, we will make every effort to conduct a virtual training.

Career and Knowledge Pathway: Standards of Case Management Practice FAQs

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Why should I take this course?
CMSA’s Standards of Practice are internationally recognized as the guiding principles for the practice of case management.  Professional case managers should follow these guidelines to ensure consistency so that every client receives the same quality care and services for health improvement.
How do I complete the course?
The CKP-Standards of Practice is an online course that can be completed by the participant at their own pace.  The course consists of narrative review of each Standard, and online modules that include a video demonstration of the Standard.
Who should take this course?
The Standards of Practice should be a foundational course taken by every health care professional new to the practice of case management.  Even seasoned case manager will benefit from a review of the Standards to ensure quality client interaction.  Organizations benefit from including this course in their on-boarding education to establish foundational expectations and consistency of practice for their staff.