What is included in the Chapter Financials?
January and December Bank Statement
Tax filing (990n postcard, 990)
Annual Financial Reports (Detailed Register for the previous year & proposed budget for current year)
Proof of two-year filling (if due for that year)

When are the Chapter Financials due?
No later than May 15th of each year

When National runs a membership promotion, do we still receive the total amount of chapter dues?
Yes. National promotions will not deduct anything from the local chapter dues

When do we receive chapter dues from National?
You will receive your local chapter dues no later than the 15th of each month. You will receive an invoice notification from Bill.com


What is the difference between the CMSA and CCMC?

The Commission for Case Manager Certification is the first and largest nationally accredited organization that certifies case managers and disability management specialists. The Commision is a non-profit, volunteer organization that oversees the process of case manager certification with its CCM credential.

The Case Management Society of America is an international, non-profit organization founded in 1990 dedicated to supporting and developing the profession of cse management through educational forums, networking opportunities, and legislative involvement. Unique in its comparison as an international organization with almost 75 affiliated and prospective chapters in a tiered democratic stucture, CMSA's success and strength is its structure as a member-driven society.


Is the chapter required to have an Executive Director?
No. The Board has discretion in determining its leadership structure.


What are the required board positions?


What is the role of the Board?
The Board is responsible for managing the chapter's affairs, direction, program, priorities, resource allocations, and financial performance and planning. The ultimate responsibility for the chapter's programs, activities, and fiscal integrity rests with the Board of Directors.


What are qualifications for office?
Any case manager member or special member entitled to vote and in good standing is eligible for nomination and election to any elective office or the organization.


How can an officer be removed?
Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.


Why do we pay Cogency Global?
CMSA chapters are incorporated under CMSA National as a Domestic Corporation at the Department of Consumer and Regularty Affairs (DCRA) in Washington DC, under a group account, as a 501(c)(6).

The D.C. government requires that if your organization is not located in D.C., it must have a registered agent located in D.C. Under incorporation policies, each organization must hire a registered agent who acts as a liaison between the organization and the government body. The registered agent that the National Office has hired to serve as the registerd agent for all the chapters is Cogency Global.


What does 501(c)(6) status mean?
All CMSA local chapters are covered and are exempt from federal income tax under the National chapter's group exemption number 3347.


How can we promote CMSA in our community?

- Encourage members to purchase and show off their CMSA gear. Shirts, mugs, and more can be purchased here.
- Place your logo on all social media posts, along with your website address
- Let National know about your chapter events by emailing cmsa@cmsa.org. Be sure to include the title of your event, date, time, and event cost


What memberships does CMSA National offer?

Individual: Case managers and affiliates engaged in the field of case management. To qualify for this membership category, you must have a health professional degree, current license or national certification in the health or human services profession.

Military: Active, retired, DOD, or contracted Case Managers engaged in the field of case management within any section of the United States Military including, but not limited to, the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard, Reserves or Veterans Affairs. Military dependents not eligible. Military members have full voting privileges and may run for office.

International: Case managers and affiliates living outside of the United States. International members are not required to join a chapter.

Company: Company memberships are owned by an organization and may be transferred between employees during the membershp period. Company memberships are available in increments of five (5) and include both membership to National and a chapter.

Partners: Partners receive complimentary memberships with their Partnership package. Partners seek to engage with and cater to the needs of the case managers in their communities.


When do new members show up on our member report?
If you pull a chapter member report, they should show up immediately after their membership has been processed. If you have an automatic upload through StarChapter, they will appear by 10am EST the next day.

How do I find my chapter roster report?
Start by logging into your Member Portal, click on Chapter Administration Reports, click on Active Chapter Member Report - by Current Date. From here you can download the report in excel format.

**If you do not see Chapter Member Reports, either we do not have you listed as a Chapter Leadeer or haven't given you access. Please contact cmsa@cmsa.org.