CMAG CDIFF Digital Download

CMSA's Case Management Adherence Guides provide the information needed to ensure effective and safe care coordination and care transitions for those afflicted with Clostridium difficile infestion (CDI), which is produced from the bacterium Clostridioides difficile, also known as C. diff. Both terms will be used throughout this guide. The content of this guide includes the latest evidence-based practice for clinical management of CDI and detailed recommendations for the prevention of CDI recurrence, hospitalizations, and improved patient outcomes.

The CMAG-TOC for CDI is based on content featured in CMSA’s CMAG 2020. This guide provides a few resources needed in the management of CDI, but more can be found in CMAG 2020. You can order a copy of CMAG 2020 from Cognella Publishing here!
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This guide was made possible by a grant from Ferring Pharmaceuticals