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Educational Webinars

Demystifying Case Management Research

Thursday, December 15, 12pm Eastern

1 Hr RN, CCM, and SW CEs

Case managers solve problems every day. Solving problems requires that a problem first be identified. Questions asked are: ‘why does this problem exist; what I contributing to the problem; what or who is needed to solve the problem; did the interventions work; how often were they effective; what were the outliers, if any; can this solution be replicated?’ This formula or framework for problem-solving is the foundation of research. Too few case managers and case management organizations share how they have solved problems in their respective practice settings. Sharing the best practices you have developed supports not only your fellow case manager colleagues, but patients, families, and caregivers everywhere.

Join CMSA Foundation board members as they demystify research and demonstrate that a research project need not require months in a laboratory, academic oversight, or intimidating processes.

Susie Ratterree, RN, BSN, CCM
Mark Evans, MA, CCM, CLCP, CRC, CBIS
Janet Coulter, MSN, CCM, FCM

Call for Presentations: Share Your Passion, Share Your Knowledge

1 Hr RN and CCM CEs

If you are interested in sharing your professional successes with your peers but are hesitant to submit a proposal to present, this webinar is for you! Interact with a panel of case managers who will demystify the application and guide you to the submission of a proposal that will make everyone sit up and notice. Open to members and non-members.

Lisa Parker-Williams, DNP, MBA, RN, CCM
Sheilah McGlone, RN, CCM
Janet Coulter, MSN, MS, RN, CCM, FCM



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