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      Chapter Contacts

      The chapter contacts listed are volunteers within the chapter who can help you get connected to information about local meetings and events. Please allow time for a response, as these are not physical offices, but personal contact information for volunteers. The chapters do manage their local programs and websites.

      AZ1 - Case Management Society of Central Arizona
      Kerry Halcomb

      CA1 - CMSA Southern California
      Christine Weaver

      CA12 - Sacramento Chapter of CMSA
      Susane Hao

      CO1 - CMSA- Rocky Mountain Chapter
      Susan Martin

      FL3 - All-Florida Case Management Network
      Ellen Ortu

      GA1 - Case Management Society of America - Atlanta Chapter
      Nadine Carter

      GA2 - Augusta CMSA (GA - Augusta)
      Sharon White

      HI2 - Case Management Society of America – Hawaii
      Bonnie Castonguay

      IL1 - CMSA Chicago
      Linda Kunicki

      IN2 - Central Indiana Case Management Society of America
      Sam Walker

      IN3 - Fort Wayne Chapter of the CMSA
      Leesa Ackerman

      LA2 - C.M.S.A. ArkLaTex Chapter
      Michelle Smith

      MA1 - Case Management Society of New England
      Nancy Benoit

      MD1 - CMSA of the Chesapeake
      Lennita Anderson-Selvey

      MI1 - CMSA Detroit
      Lisa Simmons-Fields

      MI4 - Greater Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo Chapter of CMSA
      Sue Vos

      MO1 - Kansas City Chapter of CMSA
      Amy Barefield

      NC2 - CMSA Charlotte Metro Chapter
      Charlotte Dixon

      NC4 - Triangle CMSA - Raleigh, NC
      David Humes

      NJ2 - CMSA of Central NJ
      Patricia Agius

      NV1 - Case Management Association of Las Vegas
      Karen Wright

      NY1 - CMSA NYC
      Sheila Kolt

      NY3 - Long Island Chapter of the CMSA
      Donna Raye-Sullivan

      NY5 - NY Capital Region Case Management Society
      Sherrie L. Catapano

      NY6 - Hudson Valley Chapter of the C.M.S.A.
      Christina Cleary

      OH4 - Southern Ohio Valley Chapter of the CMSA
      Mary Beth Newman

      OH6 - Cleveland Chapter of CMSA
      Karen Hooven

      OK1 - Case Management Society of Oklahoma
      Debbie Moffet

      OK2 - CMSA Eastern Oklahoma
      Vickie Macias

      OR2 - Oregon Medical Case Management Group of CMSA
      Dena Rossi

      PA13 - Mid-Atlantic Chapter
      Mary Detweiler

      TN1 - Case Management Society of America - Middle Tennessee Chapter
      Kathern Lynn Demicell

      TN2 - Tennessee Valley Chapter of the Case Management Society of America
      Brenda Gaudet

      TN3 - The Chattanooga Chapter of the CMSA
      Jackie Flowers

      TN4 - Case Management Society Chapter of Memphis Mid South  
      Patricia Webb-Love

      TX1 - Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the CMSA
      Cheryl Glaspie

      TX2 - Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter of the CMSA
      Heaven Provo

      TX8 - Alamo Chapter- Case Management Society of America
      Monica Trust

      VA1 - Central Virginia Chapter of CMSA
      Edna Preau-Grier

      WA1 - Washington Medical Case Management Association
      Shelley O'Brien

      WA2 - CMSA Inland Northwest Chapter
      Chapter & Member Services
      Kathy Parry

      WI3 - CMSA Madison Area Chapter
      Kaylen Hoerstmann