By Marianne DiMola

Are you interview-ready?

What does that mean exactly? What I'm referring to is when you aren’t really looking but you are suddenly given notice, or perhaps you are contacted by a recruiter with a wonderful job. Are you ready to go?

One of the things that's going to delay you getting in for that interview is having to update your resume. Remember a delay could mean you don’t get seen. That is why I always suggest that you update your resume quarterly or annually. The best time to update your resume is after a victory — A great recommendation or a good evaluation. Contribute to your resume when you are feeling good about what you do. If you try to update your resume after learning about layoffs, you have a better chance of your despair coming through rather than your achievements.

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Yes, we all look. If you don't want a picture of yourself posted, that's fine, but have something. It could be about case management, navigating the healthcare system, disease management, or Pop health. Something that shows your passion. Be careful when liking a post, try to stay away from anything that isn't related to your job. Anything else, that's what Facebook and Instagram are for.

Expand your network. Yes, look at LinkedIn as a giant room where everybody has a name tag on! You can follow them, follow the company. Make an introduction and invite them to be part of your network. Also, try to be involved in an organization (like CMSA!) that speaks to your passion.

Know your value and what it is you want in a job. Most of you are used to being contacted by recruiters, and we're always talking about job openings. Know when to say wait, let's hear more about this job, and when to pass. But this is also a perfect time to vet a recruiter. Do they really know about your profession? Can they coach you through the process? Do they know about the job, and do they understand what the client wants? Once the answer is yes to all these, keep that recruiter on speed dial.

Now you are interview-ready!

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Bio: Marianne DiMola has more than twenty-five years of experience in healthcare human resources management and career development. Her experience includes branch directorships with two of the country's leading home health care organizations, Bayada Nurses and Nursefinders. She is a founding member of CMSA's TriChapter NewYork Conferences and served as the Executive Director of the New York City Chapter of CMSA for twenty years. In addition, Marianne was one of the founders of Pathway Medical Staffing, a nationally recognized leader providing case management recruitment and retention advisory services, HEDIS staffing, and project management. Ms. DiMola was also the Senior Vice President of National Sales and Operations for Medical Staffing Network, Care Management and Vice President of Care Management at Cross Country. Ms. DiMola is currently President and founder of Global Care Management, specialist in care management staffing and consulting. Ms. DiMola presented "Essential Strategies" at the CMSA National Conference and CMSA, NYC Chapter in 2011, Long Island CMSA Conference 2012, "The Secret Victory of Case Managers" at CMSA National in 2013 and in 2023 presented has authored and coauthored, "Essential Strategies to Cultivate Your Career" for the Professional Case Management; Vol. 17/No. 5 and "Next Level Case Management Guide. Co -authored The Great Exodus Hitting Case Management CMSAtoday · Mar 28, 2022 and Successful Tips For Submitting Your Resume In A Digital World CMSAtoday · Jan 4, 2022 and Regional Impact of COVID-19 on Acute Case Management Practice Regional Impact of COVID-19 on Acute Case Management Practice. Ms. Dimola has additional articles published in CMSAtoday in 2023. Marianne also serves on the board for EASEL, animal rescue group.