By Mark Evans, MA, CCM, CLCP, CRC, CBIS

I am writing this to give a very special thank you and recognition to Marianne DiMola of Global Care Management in New York. If you do not know Marianne, you should! Let me tell you why…

Earlier this year, in February, I was informed that the company I had worked at for nearly 34 years was being sold and that all 600+ employees would be brought over into the new organization, except for 12 people. Unfortunately, I was one of the 12. I was panic-stricken! I had not had to look for a job in a very long time. My resume was out of date and, apparently, your LinkedIn Profile is pretty important.

I still do not think that the shock of this event has fully worn off of me yet; however, I was able to pull myself together enough to start my job search quest. I know that I have a lot to offer a new employer. I am well-credentialed and have a great deal of leadership experience. I also know, however, that my experience is not in a hospital, and I am not a Registered Nurse. These two things are very limiting when seeking a position in a hospital.

Enter Marianne DiMola into my life! I was on a CMSA Foundation Board call sharing my dilemma with the group and I was told to contact Marianne DiMola in New York. That night, I called Marianne, left a message and she called me back within minutes. We spoke for over an hour that first night. She reviewed my resume and my LinkedIn profile and gave me fantastic advice and direction not only on the specific content of those things but also on the search process and hiring process.

After that night, she reached out to me on numerous other occasions to check in on my searches: where I had applied, what interviews I had and what my plans were going forward. When I was offered a position, I reviewed it with Marianne and she gave me terrific advice, which ultimately led to my being hired at Encompass Health in Toledo.

This is my small tribute to Marianne. She is incredibly kind, direct and an expert. Prior to meeting her, I had a real scorched earth approach to my job search. I was applying everywhere I could find. She really helped me to get focused and to be proud of what I had accomplished in my professional life.

Thank you, Marianne, for your kindness and the generosity you showed me. You have made an amazing impact on my life. I owe you a debt…and at least a drink or two in Vegas!

My lesson throughout this ordeal is this: you never know what the Universe has in store for you. There may be many different paths put before you. My challenge was to open my eyes to the different paths and to trust those people who came into my life at just the right time.

Bio: Mark currently serves as the Director of Case Management at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Toledo. Previously, Mark worked in leadership roles in post-acute rehabilitation for individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. Mark has been an active member of CMSA for many years. He has served on the Detroit Chapter of CMSA as President, Vice President and Member at Large. He has also served on the National Board of Directors since 2020. In addition, Mark has served as Chair of the National Awards Committee and Vice Chair of the Sponsor Committee. Mark serves on the CMSA Foundation Board of Directors. Mark has participated on task forces, advisory panels and a variety of other leadership roles throughout his career. Mark is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University.

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