Membership Types and Rates

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Individual A Member Case Manager Membership: Individuals engaged in the field of case management. To qualify for this membership category, you must have a health professional degree, current license or national certification in the health or human services profession.

1 - Year Membership
$170 + local Chapter Dues*  ***
2-Year Membership:
$310 National + 2-Year Chapter Dues


1 - Year Membership
$170 + local Chapter Dues*
2-Year Membership:
$310 National + 2-Year Chapter Dues

Individual B Member Associate Membership: Individuals actively providing case management related services. Individuals who do not qualify for the Individual A membership (i.e. do not have a professional degree, current license or national certification in the health or human services profession) can join under this membership category.
International To qualify for the International rate for National dues, Individual A or B (see description above) must reside outside of the United States.


Tiered pricing based on country's
World Bank Classification
Annual Dues: $140* **


Student To qualify for the student rate for National dues, the individual must be enrolled in a program of case management or related health or human service field that leads to a B.A., licensure, national certification, or graduate degree. You will need to send a copy of your current student identification card or other official confirmation of enrollment from your institution to CMSA.  Email to or fax to (615) 523-1715. Annual Dues: $110* **
Military/VA/DoD Active, VA, DoD, or contracted Case Managers engaged in the field of case management within any section of the United States Military including, but not limited to, the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard, Reserves or Veterans Affairs. Military dependents not eligible. Military members have full voting privileges and may run for office.

Annual Dues: $123**

Includes discount of annual national dues fee.

Note: For Active Duty Military Members, a chapter membership is optional.

2-Year Membership:
$216 National + 2-Year Chapter Dues (Optional)*


CMSA Retired Membership:

  • Must have been a member of CMSA for at least 3 years consecutively.
  • Retired members must be a minimum of sixty-five (65) years of age.
  • Must be permanently retired may not be employed by a company that is classified as a contract or consultant.

Note:  These are general guidelines.  Each request will be treated on an individual basis.

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Annual Dues: $85* **

* Not eligible for 2-year membership
** Not eligible for any additional discount
*** Serving the ever-growing case and care management profession, the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) and the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) have worked to identify collaborations that will help to advance the profession and support our respective missions. Following realignment of these collaborations in light of each party’s respective strategic goals, the collaborative discount program each organization offered to members/certificants of the other organization will be expiring effective January 24, 2024. CCMC and CMSA will continue to seek new opportunities to collaborate with one another in the future to support their members, certificants, and the patients and families they serve.

NOTE: Dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for Income Tax purposes. Dues may be considered ordinary and necessary business deductions. (5% of national member dues are dedicated to pursuits of health policy issues and are not deductible).

Local Dues

Each of CMSA's local chapters assess their local fees in order to support local events, meetings, activities and outreach programs. All members are required to join CMSA the national plus the local levels IF the local chapter is within 60 miles or 60 minutes of your location. Members may join more than one chapter as long as all applicable dues are paid.