By Vivian Greenway, PhD, MSA, BSN, PAHM, CCM

As the National Board Director, Chapter Presidents’ Council Representative, I serve as an agent for all chapter presidents and leaders throughout the U.S. This is my second elected term in this position, and I am truly honored and grateful to be at the helm of the monthly Chapter Leaders Coffee Connects as they provide a platform for leaders to come together and discuss best practices that can be implemented in our local chapters. Sharing our stories provides us an opportunity to support one another to reach a status of excellence within each chapter. Typically held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, these sessions include chapter leaders stretching from New York to California and Florida to Michigan.

In each session, we aim to have one of our leaders (i.e., Committee Chairperson, Corporate Sponsor, National Board member) provide updates on efforts being planned for the year and how the members can play an important role in the execution of these plans. Whether it is information on membership, public policy, career and knowledge pathways just to name a few, I look forward to our leaders experiencing a Coffee Connect session with us. The conversations can be engaging, and the information discussed on how chapter leaders are navigating through obstacles can be vital components to assist if there is an identified deficiency within a chapter. The goal is to ensure that all leaders are equipped with consistent information and can plan out next steps to assist their chapter to thrive and grow while adapting to change (an occurrence we find all too frequent in the last couple of years).

Other topics of interest included presentations on How to be an Effective Leader, the CMSA Strategic Plan, CMSA Foundation and the CMSA Awards. It is amazing how much can be accomplished in one hour and as I continue to take on the role of CPC Rep, I am consistently working with our team to develop and implement new dynamics that allow the sessions to be participative and a good use of one’s Saturday time. Historically, the sessions have been during the week, many times after work; however, it has been conveyed that the Saturday flexibility allows those who may not have time, to participate. The Coffee Connects are informal; however, the information that is presented is so rich and vital to what is necessary to equip our leaders to be the best in their position for their chapter.

At our most recent session, I was able to provide the leaders information on how our efforts through Coffee Connects can assist with the CMSA Strategic Plan:

Chapter Leader efforts in Membership: Strengthen Chapters to provide and increase engagement.

  • Grow the Chapter Leader Resource Center and share best practices and success stories.
  • Offer monthly Chapter Leader Coffee Connects.
  • Grow membership through local partnerships.

Chapter Leader efforts in Collaboration: Facilitate information for chapter collaborations and coalitions.

  • Suggest collaborative opportunities and/or local outreach to National.
  • Inform chapter leaders of CMSA’s collaborations and other opportunities to be utilized at the local level.

As you can see, realistic and obtainable goals have been set, and through our chapter leaders, I feel confident that we are on the way to achieving our goals. However, we need your assistance in these efforts as there are a host of great leaders out there making a difference in our chapters.

Are you a CMSA chapter leader who has recently taken office? Are you a seasoned chapter leader who has been involved in your chapter as an officer? Are you a chapter leader who previously has been involved in the Coffee Connects and are looking to find your way back to them? If so, we would love to have you join us. Current chapter leaders, please reach out to me or our CMSA Chapter Relations Manager, Kelly Castady, to be included in our upcoming Coffee Connects. We would love to have you!

Bio: Dr. Vivian Greenway is the President of CMSA Detroit (Case Management Society of America - Detroit). CMSA Detroit is an organization dedicated to increasing the profession of healthcare case management in the Southeast Michigan region through educational opportunities; while promoting respected standards of practice in the health arena which includes but is not limited to disciplines of registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists and social workers. Greenway’s role in of the organization is instrumental in promoting the welfare and increasing the usefulness and advancement of healthcare case management. In her most recent 2020 term, through the obstacles of the pandemic, she successfully navigated via a virtual platform as she collaborated with national and local presenters to educate healthcare professionals of the case management organization regarding improved client/patient procedures and outcomes. Dr. Greenway has over 30 years of clinical experience in the acute care and managed care environment with emphasis on clinical education and quality management. Her goal is to continue to lead effectively and, and in that quest, the organization will remain in the forefront – being innovative and exuding excellence as it relates to case management. In addition to her doctorate in Human Services, she has a Masters of Science in Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Dr. Greenway was also selected and participated as a residency fellow in the Minority Management Development Program which promoted management diversity in managed healthcare. Along with her acquired degrees, she has a Health Services Administration certificate from Central Michigan University; is a certified case manager (CCM), and has obtained the distinction of Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management (PAHM).

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