By Vivian Greenway, PhD, MSA, BSN, PAHM, CCM

You may recall in October 2022, I wrote a blog regarding our Chapter Leader Coffee Connects – what they entail, who participates, and what gets accomplished in the monthly sessions. I am returning to share some of my experiences as the Chapter President’s Council Representative, more commonly known as the CPC Rep.

The CPC Rep’s term of service is one year. I was fortunate enough to be elected to the position for a second term. Working in this capacity for an additional year provided me with great insight that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Before I talk about my experience, I want to share information on the role of a CPC Rep.

The Chapter Presidents’ Council Representative (CPC Rep) serves as a representative of the Chapter Presidents’ Council on the National Board of Directors. The CPC Rep actively serves on the National Board and fully participates in all Board meetings and activities.

The role of the Chapter Presidents’ Council Representative includes:

  • Discuss chapter operational issues, requests, needs, and solutions specifically related to chapters.
  • Share ideas, problems, strategies, and resources with other chapter leaders.
  • Provide the National Board of Directors with feedback regarding activities specifically related to successful chapter operations.
  • Assist in chapter trainings whether through the annual Chapter Leadership Workshop, online webinars, monthly discussion groups, or resources posted to the Chapter Resource Center.

In addition, some noteworthy CPC Rep goals are mapped out within the CMSA Strategic Plan including assisting to strengthen chapters providing and increasing engagement and facilitating information for chapter collaborations and coalitions. The efforts to achieve the goals are noted when the chapter leaders gather for the Coffee Connect sessions on the third Saturday of each month.

Looking back, it was a gratifying experience, and never having taken on the role before, there was much to learn, and I was up to the challenge. The position allowed me to creatively tailor our virtual monthly discussions with topics that were beneficial to the chapter leaders and equipped them with resources to help lead their chapters. A typical monthly meeting consisted of announcements (information regarding upcoming events), a session presenter (usually one of our committee chairpersons), and open dialogue on best practices or successes to assist the leaders as they continued to direct their chapters. Our monthly meetings were conducted on an informal platform, however, the attendees brought their A-game when discussing important topics. Prior to each Coffee Connect, I  would meet with Kelly Castady, the CMSA Chapter Relations Manager, to discuss and preplan for subsequent sessions. These meetings were critical to assist in building the structure of future Coffee Connects.

Reflecting on these months, I am so appreciative of the support from CMSA. The greatest takeaway that I have from the experience as a Chapter President’s Council Representative is that it was truly a collaborative process. I found it very rewarding to engage with my peers as we discussed what issues they may have been facing and the earnestness and willingness that other chapter leaders brought to assist in obtaining a resolution. I thank Kelly Castady and Amy Black, CMSA Executive Director, for their assistance and for always being receptive to the ideas I presented.

As my final term as CPC Rep draws to a close, I want to extend an invitation to our Chapter Presidents to consider becoming the next CPC Rep or to look toward serving in the role in the future. If you feel ready to venture into new horizons, don’t hesitate to reach out to our CMSA Chapter Relations Manager, Kelly Castady, to discuss. Taking the initial step may be just what you are looking for to expand and mold your leadership skills.

Bio: Dr. Vivian Greenway is the President of CMSA Detroit (Case Management Society of America - Detroit). CMSA Detroit is an organization dedicated to increasing the profession of healthcare case management in the Southeast Michigan region through educational opportunities; while promoting respected standards of practice in the health arena which includes but is not limited to disciplines of registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists and social workers. Greenway’s role in of the organization is instrumental in promoting the welfare and increasing the usefulness and advancement of healthcare case management. In her most recent 2020 term, through the obstacles of the pandemic, she successfully navigated via a virtual platform as she collaborated with national and local presenters to educate healthcare professionals of the case management organization regarding improved client/patient procedures and outcomes. Dr. Greenway has over 30 years of clinical experience in the acute care and managed care environment with emphasis on clinical education and quality management. Her goal is to continue to lead effectively and, and in that quest, the organization will remain in the forefront – being innovative and exuding excellence as it relates to case management. In addition to her doctorate in Human Services, she has a Masters of Science in Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Dr. Greenway was also selected and participated as a residency fellow in the Minority Management Development Program which promoted management diversity in managed healthcare. Along with her acquired degrees, she has a Health Services Administration certificate from Central Michigan University; is a certified case manager (CCM), and has obtained the distinction of Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management (PAHM).

If you are interested in the role of Chapter President's Council Representative, please complete the application by April 7, 2023. If you need the application to be sent again, email Kelly Castady

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