By Kathleen Moreo, RN, BSN, BHSA, CMGT-BC, CCM, CDMS, FCM

Sitting in a recent CMSA educational session, it occurred to me that we are all healthcare vendors, whether we work for a company that offers something for sale to the case management community, or whether we are case managers needing a patient’s approval to provide them with our skilled services. As such, we can all be partners seeking information about available services and products available for our patients.
CMSA has a large number of vendor partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and others who are involved in our case management community by sharing information on their company resources, services, and products. Despite this large and growing body of professionals, I find that there are still many healthcare companies that are unaware of the role and value of case management in day-to-day healthcare delivery.
They don’t know that case management is the only healthcare discipline that works in literally every setting and level of care across the healthcare continuum.
They don’t know that case managers directly impact decision-making about the services and products patients will access in their daily healthcare journey.
They don’t know that case managers are the leading referral source among healthcare providers.
They don’t know that case managers are regularly involved in medication choice, adherence to therapeutic regimens, and medication reconciliation across different payer and provider settings.
They don’t realize that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have identified case/care management services as an essential part of multiple reimbursement models, including the newest innovation models that can align best care with patient goals. If they did, they’d want to understand how the services or products their company provides can be part of the choices case managers make daily. They’d understand that the partners of CMSA are a go-to resource for CMSA’s audience of 26,000 case managers, including member publications, social media, and national conference attendance.
CMSA constitutes a network of thousands and thousands of decision-makers and problem-solvers who have an ongoing need to know about available services and products for their patients. Do you know someone who isn’t part of our community? Encourage them to contact CMSA to find out how they can be a partner and help grow our expanding inventory of resources to maximize patient wellness and health.

CMSA Partners recognize the importance of case managers in today’s healthcare environment and the influence case managers have in providing services to their patients.  By becoming a CMSA Partner, your organization will have unique, year-round opportunities to connect directly with CMSA members and the case management community.  Learn more here:

Bio: Kathleen Moreo, RN, BC, BSN, BHSA, CCM, CDMS, FCM is a board certified registered nurse and Founder of PRIME Education, LLC. From 1994 to 2000, she guided the organization to advance the science of learning and behavior change through education and research. Her health career began at Community Hospital of South Broward in Florida, where she conducted quality improvement and performance improvement initiatives to ensure medical necessity for Medicare and Medicaid populations. Moreo graduated summa cum laude from Barry University with a bachelor of science in Nursing and cum laude with a bachelor in health services administration. An executive registered nurse with multiple board certifications in case management and disability rehabilitation, Moreo currently serves in diverse voluntary health care roles including editorial board member of Professional Case Management Journal, leadership mentor of the Governance Committee of the Case Management Society of America, senior advisor to Synchronyx patient health solution company, and volunteer case management for patients and families in need. Over her career, she has received numerous professional awards including the following pinnacle awards: 2019 and 2016 William Campbell Felch Awards for Research in Continuing Education from the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp); 2017 ACEhp Distinguished Leadership Award; 2012 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Spirit of Volunteerism Award; and the 2000 Case Manager of the Year Award from CMSA. Moreo has published nearly 40 peer-reviewed research-informed papers in medical and health care journals and continues to participate in and publish research to improve health outcomes.