By Marianne DiMola

The other day, I was speaking with a director of case management who was recently let go. We spent a bit of time reviewing his skills and experience. I finally realized that most of his resume was written quite well. It was impressive. Measured results and power words- I liked it. It was the most recent position that confused me. And then the light went off. And I asked if you had written about your last position after you were let go. Of course, the answer was yes.

I often discuss the best time to write a resume. I've written about it, blogged about it, and posted about it, and I'm going to say it again—the worst time to write a resume is when you've just been let go or when you've just had a terrible evaluation by your superior, and you're concerned about your job.
Can you imagine going online and posting your profile minutes after a breakup? Do you think you're going to sound like the fun-loving, bright, adventurous, kind person you are? Or do you think you might sound a little dark, maybe a little angry? Sure, you will because that's how you're feeling! Our feelings do emote into our words and, yes, into our writing, especially in a resume.

So, I said I would talk about the best time to write a resume, and I led with the worst time to write a resume. Those two times remain the worst times ever to write a resume. So, let's talk about all the good times it is to write a resume.

One. The year in review. We are often optimistic and excited about the upcoming year. That might be a suitable time to write a rewrite or update your resume.

Two. Right after excellent evaluation. Like a good date, aren't we riding high on our emotions after a good evaluation? Feeling a little invisible, we could take on the world. That's a fantastic time to sit down and write your resume. You're feeling good about yourself. Remember to use your power words!
Three. After completing a successful project or an exceptionally challenging process, you may feel good about what you've accomplished. You may have it fresh in your mind, and that is a wonderful time to sit down and write about all of your successes.

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Bio: Marianne DiMola has more than twenty-five years of experience in healthcare human resources management and career development. Her experience includes branch directorships with two of the country's leading home health care organizations, Bayada Nurses and Nursefinders. She is a founding member of CMSA's TriChapter NewYork Conferences and served as the Executive Director of the New York City Chapter of CMSA for twenty years. In addition, Marianne was one of the founders of Pathway Medical Staffing, a nationally recognized leader providing case management recruitment and retention advisory services, HEDIS staffing, and project management. Ms. DiMola was also the Senior Vice President of National Sales and Operations for Medical Staffing Network, Care Management and Vice President of Care Management at Cross Country. Ms. DiMola is currently President and founder of Global Care Management, specialist in care management staffing and consulting. Ms. DiMola presented "Essential Strategies" at the CMSA National Conference and CMSA, NYC Chapter in 2011, Long Island CMSA Conference 2012, "The Secret Victory of Case Managers" at CMSA National in 2013 and in 2023 presented has authored and coauthored, "Essential Strategies to Cultivate Your Career" for the Professional Case Management; Vol. 17/No. 5 and "Next Level Case Management Guide. Co -authored The Great Exodus Hitting Case Management CMSAtoday · Mar 28, 2022 and Successful Tips For Submitting Your Resume In A Digital World CMSAtoday · Jan 4, 2022 and Regional Impact of COVID-19 on Acute Case Management Practice Regional Impact of COVID-19 on Acute Case Management Practice. Ms. Dimola has additional articles published in CMSAtoday in 2023. Marianne also serves on the board for EASEL, animal rescue group.