It’s Valentine’s Day: A Day that strikes fear into the hearts of gift-givers everywhere, that makes happy couples giddy, that makes unhappy couples cringe (how do you find the perfect card to say, “You don’t make me sick all the time?”), that makes some singles feel heartbroken, and others feel they skipped out on the guillotine.

It’s a day that’s historically known as a day for lovers. But perhaps it’s time to change the narrative.

Surely, we’ve all heard a variation of the saying, “You can’t love other people until you’re able to love yourself.”

Wouldn’t life be easier if that wasn’t true?

It can be so difficult to accept our shortcomings, our quirks that aren’t that cute, the things we seem to continually get wrong.

Growing up, my mom always told me, “What frustrates you in others, is what you need to work on in yourself.” That drove me crazy! I knew I didn’t do the annoying things my big brother did so she must be wrong. But, ah, the clear vision that age brings.

It also seems clear to me now, that these two sayings are based on the same philosophy. We must do the work on ourselves before our relationships and connections can improve. This holds true both personally and professionally. If we can be accepting of our own mistakes, then it will become easier to accept the mistakes of our colleagues, friends, and family.

So, with these old adages in mind, let’s start today. Valentine’s Day 2022 will be the beginning of a new Valentine’s Day narrative. A day of focus on loving ourselves so that we can truly be present, supportive, and accepting of others.

Who’s with me?

Kelley Norris, CMSA Marketing Manager, Mistake-Maker


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