What would you talk about if you had a 30-minute walk-break with co-workers? There is so much to share, ask, challenge or debate. CMSA’s Inaugural Blog will facilitate some lively discussions. Of course, we will be sensitive to Protected Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) as well as adhere to Privacy Laws.  But…we can talk about the triumphs and challenges we face as a community of practice and anyone can participate.

I can envision more “walks and talks” as we recover from the pandemic.  My discussion would center around mental health.  Anecdotal reports indicate mental health needs have increased as a result of the pandemic. This appears to be an additional burden in a specialty area that is already limited in many places.  How can we bring to bear, all the mental health resources that may be available?  The programs are there, but it is a challenge to identify sources efficiently.  Any successes out there that we can export nationally?