By Janet Coulter, MSN, MS, RN, CCM, FCM 

I am so honored and humbled to be elected President of CMSA! I want to thank YOU for this opportunity. I want to thank the many people who have supported me along the way. The support I have received has been immeasurable and I thank you for encouraging me, challenging me, and supporting me during my many years in CMSA.  

I am excited to share my vision for the next two years. My plan is to build upon Colleen’s initiatives, following our strategic plan, with a focus on strengthening our chapters. As the foundation of CMSA, our chapters are vital, and I am committed to supporting them, increasing membership and leadership at the local level, and encouraging greater participation at the national level. Over the next two years, I aim to visit or speak with every chapter. 

Investing in our chapters means investing in the future of case management and supporting the next generation of case managers. My vision for the next two years includes: 

  • Increasing the number of CMSA fellows and enhancing the recognition of the Case Management Fellow designation. 
  • Expanding the Rural Special Interest Group. 
  • Growing the International Case Management Special Interest Group. 
  • Establishing an Emerging Leaders Program. 
  • Creating a Grant Advisory Task Group to help CMSA successfully submit and receive grants. 

Additionally, I hope to achieve the following: 

  • Formation of a certification committee to develop and approve specialty certifications. 
  • Expansion of our resources and tool kit. 

 I would like to see an increase in national involvement by encouraging participation in national committees, subcommittees, task force groups, and special interest groups. 

My vision is to inspire case managers to publish their work, whether it is through a blog or an article for CMSA TODAY. I could not miss this opportunity to encourage case managers to get their work published! Writing is a passion of mine—though I may not be the best writer, I truly enjoy the creative process and the satisfaction of seeing the final product.  

I am envisioning a spectacular conference in Dallas in 2025 to celebrate CMSA’s 35th anniversary! While it will be challenging to surpass this year’s conference, I am confident we can do it. This year’s conference was outstanding! The pre-conference Writers Workshop, MVD Day, and Motivational Interviewing sessions were great ways to start the conference! They set the tone for a fantastic week! It was standing room only at the Chapter Leaders Workshop, Chapter President’s Networking event, and Chapter Leaders Mixer and Pin Exchange. Many attendees even explored their futures with psychic Tarot card readings. 

Conference Day One kicked off with yoga (for those who are flexible!) and breakfast. This was followed by an unforgettable keynote presentation by Justin Jones-Fosu, who used the African drum to create an inspiring and unforgettable experience. During lunch, MCG provided a very timely presentation on the role AI in utilization management.  

Day Two began with morning mindfulness and breakfast. Curtis Hill's keynote on creating a culture of belonging was particularly touching, especially when attendees joined arms to sing “Lean on Me.” It was an emotional moment when he encouraged the audience to call the person who helped them reach where they are today. 

Day Three featured an inspiring presentation on building a foundation for DEIB in the workplace. Next was Dr. Burns Blaxall's research on proactive personalized medicine, highlighting the impact of comprehensive precision and genetic testing on emergency room visits and hospitalizations. His insights into medication processes and their implications for healthcare utilization were eye-opening. 

Throughout the week, there were numerous excellent concurrent sessions—too many to mention! The networking tables buzzed with discussions and the sharing of ideas and experiences, while the Exhibit Hall featured a wide variety of resources for case managers. The poster sessions showcased amazing evidence-based research. 

The conference concluded with an inspiring message from CMSA President Dr. Colleen Morley-Grabowski and the ceremonial passing of the gavel to the next CMSA President – me. 

Wow! What a week! 

Please plan to join us in 2025 in Dallas! It promises to be an amazing event! 

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Bio: Janet Coulter, MSN, MS, RN, CCM, FCM is a transplant case manager with a wide variety of experiences including educator, administrator, team leader, and Director of Case Management. Janet holds a Master of Science in Nursing from West Virginia University and a Master of Science in Adult Education from Marshall University. She has published many articles in CMSA Today and the Professional Case Management Journal and served as a reviewer for the Core Curriculum for Case Management Third Edition. She currently serves as President-Elect of CMSA,, Chair of the CMSA Today Editorial Board, Chair of the Nominations Committee, and Vice-President of the CMSA Foundation board. Janet was the recipient of the CMSA National Award of Service Excellence and Southern Ohio Valley CMSA Case Management Leadership award and was recently inducted as a Case Management Fellow from CMSA.